Baron's Hockey Tournament

What is Baron’s Hockey?

What is Baron’s Hockey?

The Baron’s Hockey Tournament is a three-day tournament open to teams from around the region, including Canada.
If you have already registered, please do not ask to change your time. We have too many teams to change the schedule once it has been set. You need to contact Brian to make prior arrangements if you cannot begin early on Friday.NO GUARANTEES.

The following are the Rules for the Baron’s Hockey Tournament:

Games will consist of three 17 minute running time periods.
Rules will be followed according to the National Federation High School Rule
Book and USA Hockey.
1. Blue Line used for icing only.
2. 3 penalties in a game is automatic game misconduct.
3. Fighting is a game disqualification.
4. Game disqualification is current game plus next game.
5. Any player receiving a game disqualification and then caught playing in his/her next game means the officials will leave the ice, and that team forfeits the game.
6. Minor penalties will be 3 minutes running time.
7. Major penalties will be 6 minutes running time.
8. Any player or bench personnel receiving two game disqualification will be done for the remainder of the tournament.
9. This is a no checking, no slapshot tournament – referee’s judgment.
10. Zero tolerance will be strictly enforced all weekend.

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